How to Refund a Client for an Event

In this article, we will review how to fully refund a client for an event.

First, you will want to go to the Client list and find the client you'd like to refund. Once in the client profile, you will go to the 'Billing' tab.

In the 'Billing' tab select 'Invoices', and change the drop-down to 'All Invoices'.

When you find the invoice for the Event, you will select the pencil under the 'Edit' column.

After selecting the edit icon, you will see the details of the invoice. To start the refunding process, you will select the link under 'Receipt'.

This will allow you to see the 'Payment Details' on the invoice. It will also provide you with the option to refund the payment.

Once you select the 'Refund' button, you will be able to enter the refund details.

To refund a credit card, select Credit Card (PROCESSED) as the refund Method, enter a memo (such as Canceled Registration) and select Issue Refund.

After selecting to issue the refund, you will have the option to 'De-register' the client from the event which will remove them as a registrant - This cannot be undone. Only select YES to 'De-register' if they should not longer be registered/included in your event registration data.

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