Registering for an Event in EZSignUp

In this article, we are going to review the process for registering for an Event through EZSignUp

Once the form has been completed and published, the EZFacility administrator can select the 'Copy Link' option on the published forms page to retrieve the unique Registration Form URL. This link can be added to a website or can be added directly to an email that can be sent to clients to register.

When this link is selected the client will be prompted to log-in using their Self-Service credentials. If the client already has a self-service account created, they will enter their username and password and go directly to the registration form. If the client does not have an account yet, they will want to select 'Create Account' to create their Self-Service account.

Once the client chooses to create their account, they will be asked to enter their first name, last name, email address, a unique username and password. The client will select the 'I'm not a robot' checkbox, and select 'Create account'.

Once the account has been created, the client will see a green confirmation message and should go to their email inbox. This page should then be closed. The client should not enter their username and password here at this time.

The client should receive this email in their inbox, where they should select 'Complete Registration'.

After selecting 'Complete Registration' the client will be directed to a new page where they will enter the remainder of their contact information. The client will select the 'Submit' button to move to the registration form.

After the additional client information has been entered, the client will be able to choose to register themselves or by selecting the dropdown they will be able to choose to register someone else.

They will then be taken to the registration page that has been created for this event.

After the client has responded to all questions, they will be able to review their registration. On this page they can clear all charges that have been added, go back to the start of the form and register another client for an event or they can choose 'Proceed' and complete their checkout for the event.

Once 'Proceed' is selected the client will be able to pay for their registration.

Once the payment has been completed, the client will see the receipt for the registration. The client will also receive a confirmation email that contains the registration receipt as well.

Once the registration has been completed, the EZFacility administrator will be able to select the 'EZSignUp' tab in the client's profile to review the events the client has registered for.

Within the Billing tab of the client profile, a new invoice will be created for the client with the financial details of the event they registered for. 

Please note: If the registration is free, an invoice will not be created for the event.

EZFacility administrators will also be able to view the total registrations, as well as edit the registration status of an event by going to EZSignUp > Published Forms > Forms Menu > Registrant Summary.

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