Removing a Registration from a Form

If you want to remove/reverse a registration, without submitting a refund, you can do so but please note – THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE. Once you remove a registration, if that person should still be registered then they would need to re-register. 

Removing a registration via the Form does NOT process a refund. If a refund is needed, that needs to  be processed via the registrant profile. 

To remove a registration (without submitting a refund), go to EZSignUp > Published Forms

Select the Form Menu

Select Find/Edit Registrations

Look up the registration you want to remove from your form data by last name, email or confirmation code and select Find

Select Reverse

Check the box to confirm the registration you want to reverse/remove from your form and Submit

You’ll get a confirmation that the registration has been reversed and then you can select Return to Find Participant if you have others to remove 

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