How to change a Membership Type/Contract

Step 1 - Cancel Contract

Cancel existing membership:

Go to the profile and select the Membership tab.
 Scroll right and then click Edit (pencil) to edit the existing, active membership plan.

Select Cancel Contract

Enter the Cancellation Date, add a ‘Remark’ if you want to.

Then select a Reason and Cancel Contract.


To reverse the billing, enter the “Start Date” as the “Cancellation Date”.

If you don’t need to reverse the billing, enter “YESTERDAY” as the Cancellation date to allow you ‘resell’ the new membership.

For example, if you’re cancelling the existing membership on January 15th, enter January 14th as the cancellation date.

Select Go Back

Step 2 - Sell New Contract

Step 2 – Sell the new membership contract/type: Select New Contract and go through the process of “selling” the correct membership type.

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