How to COPY an Existing Form

If you host an annual event or if you are hosting an event that is the same type/format as a new event, you can copy an existing form instead of creating a new form.

If the event is DIFFERENT than any forms you have created in the past, then you should create a new form and select the appropriate template.


From the Main Menu, select Create a New Form

Select the form you want to copy over from the list of previously created forms and then Copy selected Form

Update the basic form information as needed.

For the Form Name, if this is a yearly event, we recommend including the year in your title so when you copy it over, make sure to update the year.

For example, if I'm copying over my "2021 5k Fun Run/Walk" event form for 2022, then I would change the form title to "2022 5k Fun Run/Walk" when I copy the 2021 form over to create the 2022 form.

Select Save My New Form, Next

Then return to your Main Menu so you can review the form and make any updates to the questions or information topics on the form (such as updating the shirt sizes available, registration options, or basic event information you have on the form).

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