Form Menu - Features Overview

To access the Form Menu -- From the Main Menu, first you'll go to your Published Forms

Select the Form Menu for the Form Menu of the form you want to access.

Once you're in the Form Menu, you'll see....

Edit Form

Allows access to edit Overall Form Settings, Questions and Answers, Information Topics, Confirmation Messages, Form Header Graphic and Form Colors/Visual Settings


Find/Edit Registrations

Allows you to look up a registrant via name, email or confirmation and make edits to their answers/selections

Download Registrations

Allows you to export the registrant data. You can choose to run a Download All (standard) report or you can choose to create your own download where you can pick and choose what you want to export, filter registrations, etc.

See How to Export/Download Registrant Information article for more information

  1. When you want to get an updated report, you'll select to Generate a New File
  2. Once the file is downloaded, you can click on Download File
  3. The File Archive will allow you to access past downloads
  4. After you create your download, you can select to Create Searchable Web Page using the data from the file you just created (see Upload Tools - How to Import Searchable Data for more information).


Registrant Summary

The Registrant Summary shows a list of registrants in alphabetical order.

You can view their confirmations (which will include all the information they submitted with registration) and you can also edit registrants from this tool.

Note - The system will update via the Edit tool right away but your Registrant Summary will take a few minutes to update because there is a 5 minute cache for any report that used the built in data table.

Revenue Summary

Shows a breakdown and grand total of registrant payments, allows you to export the breakdown to Excel. Does not account for any refunds.

Demographic Summary

Show a breakdown of registrant demographics based on age, gender, and registrations by the day of the week, date, state, city and country (granted that information is asked of registrants during the registration process, for example, if you don't ask for Gender on the form, then that data will not be collected).

Question Answer Summary

Shows how many time each answer choice was selected by registrants

Open/Close Form

Allows you to...

  1. Manually Open/Close your form
  2. Turn On Auto-Close where you can specify the date and time you want the form to automatically close
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