How to Add/Edit Checkbox Questions

How to Add/Edit Checkbox Questions

Note - If you DELETE a Question after people have registered, you will delete that data. Do not delete questions if people have registered and you still need access to the data.

To add a NEW Question -

STEP 1 - From the Main Menu, select Published Forms

STEP 2 - Select the Form Menu for the form you'd like to add a new question to.

STEP 3 - Select Edit Form

STEP 4 - Select to Add/Edit Questions and Answer Choices


STEP 5 - Select Add a new Question

STEP 6 - Choose the Checkbox Question Type


STEP 7 -

  • Enter the Question Text
  • Select the Status (Shown or Hidden)
  • Select whether the question should be Mandatory or Optional
  • Enter Hint Text (Optional)
  • Enter Help Text (Optional)
  • Enable/Add an Expiration Date (Optional)


When the Status should be Shown vs. Hidden If you want the question to show on the form, select Shown for the Status. If you want to hide the question at any time, you can change the status to Hidden. It's not very common to hide Checkbox question types but you have that option if needed.

When to use Hint Text You can use the Hint Text if you want to add some additional instruction or information.

When to use Help Text Help Text can be used if you want to add a short explanation to a question.

When to add an Expiration Date While this is not as common with Checkbox question types, if you want a question to expire/disappear from the form on a certain date/time (before your form closes), then you can set an Expiration Date for that question.

After you enter the question details, select Continue

STEP 8 - Select whether the question should default to Unchecked or Checked and Add a Price (if applicable) and select Continue

When to set it to default as Unchecked If you have a mandatory question that your registrants are required to agree to/check the box, and you want to make sure they review the question prior to checking the box, leave it as Unchecked

When to set it to default to Checked If you want the majority of registrants to check the box, you can default it to Checked.

In this case, if a registrant DOESN'T want to be added to the mailing list, they would be able to un-check the box (as long as the question is set up as an Optional question)

If you want to charge a fee if the box is CHECKED by a registrant, then you can add an answer price. For example, if the registrant can add-on an item and it costs a certain dollar amount, then if they check the box, that's when they'll be charged the extra amount.

STEP 9 - Select where you want the question to appear on the form

To Edit an Existing Question -


Select the Question you want to Edit and then Review/Edit Question

Select to Edit

Make your changes and then Save

Checkbox Question "Answer Choices" will default to No (Unchecked) and Yes (Checked).

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