How to Add/Edit Text Box Questions

Note - If you DELETE a Question after people have registered, you will delete that data. Do not delete questions if people have registered and you still need access to the data.

To add a NEW Question - 

STEP 1 - From the Main Menu, select Published Forms

STEP 2 - Select the Form Menu for the form you'd like to add a new question to.

STEP 3 - Select Edit Form

STEP 4 - Select to Add/Edit Questions and Answer Choices

STEP 5 - Select Add a new Question

STEP 6 - Choose the Text Box Question Type you want to add to your form

STEP 7 -

  • Enter the Question Text
  • Select the Status (Shown or Hidden)
  • Select whether the question should be Mandatory or Optional
  • Enter Hint Text (Optional)
  • Enter Help Text (Optional)
  • Enter the Maximum Answer Length (Optional)
  • Enter a Default Answer (Optional)
  • Enable/Add an Expiration Date (Optional)

Tips for the Question Text Keep it short and simple for the best formatting but clear as to what you're asking your registrants.

For example... Instead of...

You can just do...

So you're asking the same thing with either format but shortening the question itself allows for better formatting/a cleaner look on the form.

When the Status should be Shown vs. Hidden If you want the question to show on the form, select Shown for the Status. If you want to hide the question at any time, you can change the status to Hidden. It's not very common to hide Text Box question types but you have that option if needed.

When to use Hint Text You can use the Hint Text if you want to let registrants know that you prefer a certain format or want to add a little note under the Question text.

When to use Help Text Help Text can be used if you want to add a short explanation to a question.

When to enter a Maximum Answer Length If you want to limit the number of characters that can be entered, then you can enter that maximum number. We recommend adding Hint Text that lets your registrants know what the maximum characters are.

When to enter a Default Answer One use for this is if you're asking for information for 2 Parent/Guardians. If you're asking for addresses for both, you could have the address field for parent/guardian #2 to default to Same as Guardian #1

Note - If you want the registrant to enter their own answer, do not enter a Default Answer.

When to add an Expiration Date While this is not as common with Text Box question types, if you want a question to expire/disappear from the form on a certain date/time (before your form closes), then you can set an Expiration Date for that question.

STEP 8 - Choose where you want the question to appear on the form

To Edit an Existing Question -


STEP 5 - Select the Question you want to Edit and then Review/Edit Question

Select to Edit

Make your changes and then Save

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