How to Add/Edit Information Topics

If you want to present information to registrants on the form itself, you can add Information Topics to your form with the information you want to display.

If you have a website with all your event information, there's no need to repeat all of that information on the form seeing as if registrants need the details AFTER they've registered, they're going to go to your website. And, they'll most likely be going from your website (where they can review the information) to the form to register.


To add a NEW Information Topic

STEP 1 - From your Main Menu go to your Published Forms

STEP 2 - Select the Form Menu for the form you would like to edit

STEP 3 - From the Form Menu, select Edit Form

STEP 4 - Select to Add/Edit your Information Topics/Headings



STEP 5 - Select Add a new Information Topic

STEP 6 - Enter your Information Topic Title (for example Event Details) and then the information you want to present to registrants and then select Create Information Topic

Note - Your Information Topic Title will be bold text.

The Body text requires HTML code for any sort of formatting (bolded text, paragraphs, etc.). If you are unfamiliar with HTML, here's a great resource:

STEP 7 - Select where you want to place it on the form

To EDIT an existing Information Topic


Select which information topic you'd like to edit and then select Review/Edit Info Topic

Make your changes and then Save

Once saved, you can review the information topic/updates

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