How to add/edit a Form Header Graphic

You can add a logo/header image to your form so it matches your company/organization logo or website OR the specific event logo.

Once you've published your form, then you can add the header image.

From the Main Menu go to your Published Forms

Select the Form Menu for the form you want to add a logo/header image to

Select Edit Form

Select to Add/Edit your Header Image


When you first create your form, there is a placeholder image in place, to upload your own image, select Click here to change this image.

If you need to change your image, you'll also select Click here to change this image.

Select Choose File

Select your File/Logo and Open

Then select Upload File

You'll then see the logo/file you've uploaded as your Header Image

NOTE - We recommend the graphic be at most 300 pixels tall by 700-900 pixels wide.

The width of your header image should be equal to or less than your Form Table Width - Which can be updated in the Visual Colors/Settings tool.

In this example, the header image is 800 pixels wide. To ensure the image width is less than or equal to the Form Width, you can select Edit Form

Select to Edit the Form Colors and Visual Settings


If the Form Table Width is less than your header image (in this example, the header image is 800 pixels and the current Form Width is 700)

So you'll want to update the Form Table Width so it's larger or equal to your header image (in this case, we need the Form Table Width to be at least 800) and then scroll down and select Save My Changes

See the How to edit/customize Form Colors/Visual Settings article for more information on the Form Colors/Visual Settings tool

PRO TIP: Choose a generic logo/header image so for annual events, you don't need to update it from year to year. If all that changes with your logo from year to year is the event date or year, then you could create the same logo but leave off the year so it doesn't have to be updated.

For example, instead of....

You could just do...

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