How To Send email broadcasts/message to FORM registrants

In this article, we will walk through how to send an email broadcast to EZSignUp form registrants.

A few things to consider, this is simply a broadcast tool. It will not track opens, clicks, bounces, etc.. It is used for messages that need to be sent to form registrants. To send blasts to your members/non-members, you should use the email campaign tool in EZFacility.

When using the email broadcast tool, you will not be able to save templates for future use so if you have a generic meeting ‘template’, you should save it to 'Word' and update it/past it into the broadcast body to send the blast. 

Depending on how many customers are using the email broadcast tool and how many emails are in the queue to be sent, it can take a couple of hours for the emails to be sent. For example, if you are sending Zoom meeting links, please send those out to form registrants via the Broadcast tool the day before the event just to be safe.  

First, we will start by clicking "EZSignUp" followed by "Email Broadcasts"

Second, select the Form(s) you'd like to send the message to and click "Continue"

Next, enter the from email, subject and body for your message and click "Continue" to preview the blast 

Once you feel your email is good to go you can select, "Submit Broadcast"

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